Flower Festival 2008

Saturday 23 August 2008
Photos by: 
Anthony Butterfield and Pam Butterfield

Our 2008 Flower Festival was held from Saturday 23 August through to Bank Holiday Monday 25 August. The theme was "How Amazing".

A stained glass window that Ruth had seen in Chester Cathedral gave her the inspiration for this year's theme. The window, installed in 2001 to celebrate the Millennium, is designed and made by stained glass artist Ros Grimshaw. There's more from Ruth in the Flower Festival Programme.


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How Amazing - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Millie Emmerson)

Birth of a Baby - Shirley Dixon

DNA - Lindsay Schofield

Night and Day - Joyce Dykes

Lightning - Shirley Dixon

Music - Ann Walls

Light - Lindsay Schofield (sponsored by Lindsey Butler)

The Snow - Rachel Allison

The Jungle and Animals - Barbara Walls

Water, Ice and Steam - Emily Parry-Harries

Medicine - Ruth Parry

Bar Codes - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Muriel Freeman)

Rubiks Cube - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Joan Wright)

Umbrella - Shirley Dixon

Blast Off - Katherine Watson

Photography - Lindsay Schofield

Creation through Painting - Maureen Maskell

The Wheel - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Andrea Scargill)

Communication - Jean Varley

The Sunshine - Jean Taylor

The Sewing Machine - Barbara Walls

Cycle of Life / Butterflies - Anne Gill

Traffic Lights - Joyce Dykes (sponsored by the Community Centre)

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

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