Flower Festival 2017

Saturday 26 August 2017
Photos by: 
Anthony Butterfield

This year's Flower Festival was entitled "Talents: Then and Now" and was based on jobs that are mentioned in the Bible.

We raised £2,412 and this was sent to The Eldwick Church for their New Building Fund.

The home-cooked meals that Michael and his team served over the weekend were meat and potato pie on the Saturday and corn beef slab on Monday.  Our minister, Rev David McAloon, led worship on the Sunday which also included a Songs of Praise service at 4.30 pm. 

As well as the flowers, upstairs the Wednesday Art Group put on a display of their works, and in the other room there was an "alternative view" on Talents: Then and Now.

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Flower Festival programme

1) Teacher - Mike Scargill (dedicated to Andrea)

2) Blacksmith - Sharon De Vries

3) Queen (of Sheba) - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Joan Wright)

4) Baker - Joyce Dykes & Rosalie Large

5) Trumpeter - Michael Yates & Shirley Dixon

6) Fortune Teller - Brownies

7) Cupbearer - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Millie Emmerson & Marian Turner)

8) Goldsmith - Joyce Dykes & Community Centre

9) Engraver - Ellie Fulford

10) Woodman - Chris Leleux

11) Merchant - Shirley Dixon (sponsored by Muriel Freeman)

12) Gardener - Barbara Walls

13) Fisherman - Lindsay Schofield

14) Oarsman - Ann Walls

15) Silversmith - Katherine Watson

16) Weaver - Sharon De Vries

17) Gatekeeper - Lindsay Schofield

18) Carpenter - Lindsey Butler

19) Farmer - Stella Downs

20) Musician - Barbara Walls

21) Designer - Shirley Dixon

22) Embroiderer - Maureen Maskell

23) Dyer - Jean Varley

Saturday lunch

Saturday lunch - meat and potato pie

"Alternative" display

Scribe & Writer




Tax Collector







Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Wednesday Art Group

Monday lunch

Monday lunch - corn beef slab

Monday lunch

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