Passover Meal

Saturday 16 April 2011
Photos by: 
John Parry

On Saturday 16th April, the day before Palm Sunday, over 50 people gathered at Bingley Methodist Church for a Circuit event. Together we celebrated a Seder meal - or Last Supper as we remembered the Jewish origins of the Last Supper.

During the meal various symbolic foods are eaten and several cups of wine are drunk (as Methodists we had grape juice!) commemorating various times in Jewish history as the story is told. At the table there is a place set for Elijah who it is believed will return to herald the Messiah and a cup of wine that remains untouched which is for Elijah to drink - some scholars believe this is the cup Jesus shared with his disciples on the night before he died as he tried to help them to understand who he was.

We began with a traditional Jewish question and answer formula as we reminded ourselves of God's salvation and provision and then ate a meal of chicken noodle soup, lamb stew with bread followed by coconut macaroon biscuits - all traditional passover fare. After the meal we shared bread and wine as Jesus did with his disciples at the Last Supper thus linking the Passover with Holy Communion.

It was a moving evening of words, music, food and fellowship. Grateful thanks to the band of people who enabled it to happen. Ruth.

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